La Vie en Rose

"La vie en rose" is French singer Edith Piaf's signature song. It was released in the late 1940s and has been covered by artists dozens of times over the years. Most well-known versions are by Grace Jones and Donna Summer. Just like the famous song, the color pink has many different variations and can be worn by all kinds of women. And not just any old pink, but every shade from blush to rose to magenta to burgundy. The shades range for every woman to enjoy and to find her favorite hue. The really fun thing about wearing pink right now is that it is treated like a neutral and mixed in with every other color and print imaginable. Wear it alone or paired in a traditional color combo or throw it on with some leopard. It doesn't matter. Pink is being celebrated in every shade from baby soft to shocking babe and the following pages show just how easy it is to wear every single one. We shot our editorial in the gritty backdrops naturally provided by the landscape in South Main District's Washington Heights area. These seemingly neglected spots give the perfect foil to such pretty colors and styles and make for some interesting fashion.

Special Thank You

Augusta Campbell | Stylist
Brandy Miller | Model with Colors Agency
Rebecca Dyer | 409 S. Main
McKendree Walker | Photographer
Tiffany Vollmer Bishop | Make-up Artist
Jonathan Watkins | Hair Stylist
Eden Spa & Laser

Pink Crossroads

Jacket, corduroy pants, floral top all from Oak Hall.
Bracelet from James Gattas Jewelers.

Tangled up in Pink

Light blush and deep rose tie-dye beautifully and look even better with a dramatic matching wrap. Dress and scarf from Kittie Kyle.
Necklace by Allie Rox and ring, both from Hollie Winter Fine Jewelry.
Purse from Joseph. Boots, model’s own.

Ms. Burgundy

The dark tones feel right with burgundy silky pants and velvety shoes. The whole look lightens up with a neon pop.
Pants from Baer’s Den. Blouse, blazer, shoes, and purse from Joseph. Both stores in Laurelwood Shopping Center.
Bracelets from James Gattas Jewelers.

Blushing Pride

This fantastic faux fur jacket is put to the test with a super graphic scarf
that pairs every color in the rainbow with blush.
Jacket, scarf, pants, earrings, and purse all from Betty Hays Boutique.
Boots, model's own.

Only for the Headstrong

Hats aren’t for everyone, but this one should be.
Cozy cashmere and sequins look great
with sophisticated,silky woven textures.
Multi-colored jacket, pants, and tank from Coming Attractions.
Cap from Joseph.

Throwing Bricks

Pink toughens up in faux fur and leather.
Leather skirt and top from Lori James.
Vest from Southern Muse.
Beaded bag from Kittie Kyle.
Necklace from James Gattas Jewelers.

Tunnel Vision

Tough deep pink leather pants are sweetened up with a rosy bow blouse.
Top and pants from Southern Muse.
Bracelet and ring from James Gattas Jewelers.

Pink Skies

Keep the grey in grey skies away with a rain jacket in the season’s best color.
Rain jacket and pants from Sorelle Boutique.
Baseball cap from Joseph.
Necklace by Brave Design from Oak Hall.

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