Beautiful Rest: Creating a Perfect Bedroom

By Lisa Mallory, Lisa Mallory Interior Design
Photography by Sarah Rossi, Sélavie Photography

Designing a beautiful bedroom is a project that requires careful consideration and attention to detail. I believe that creating a serene and personalized space is essential for a good night's sleep and overall happiness. I will guide you through the process of designing a beautiful bedroom that reflects your personal style and helps you feel happy and comfortable in your bedroom after a long day.

The first step in creating a beautiful bedroom is to start with an idea or a concept. This can be inspired by a favorite color, a specific style, or even a piece of artwork that you love. Once you have a clear vision in mind, it's time to bring that idea to life. When I design a bedroom it is all about the fabrics, the colors and textures. We don’t stop until we find the perfect mix.

When selecting colors for your bedroom, it's important to consider the mood you want to create. Soft, calming tones like pale blues, greens, and neutrals are ideal for promoting relaxation and rest. On the other hand, rich jewel tones like emerald green or deep plum can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to the space. We experiment with different textures such as velvet, silk, or linen to add depth and interest to the room.

At Lisa Mallory Interior Design bedding and custom linens are essential elements in creating a beautiful bedroom. We have high-quality sheets, duvet covers, and throw pillows that not only look luxurious but also feel comfortable to the touch. Consider adding a plush throw blanket or a cozy quilt at the foot of the bed for an extra layer of warmth and style. Nice bedding will last longer and will stay beautiful longer.

A rug can tie the room together and add warmth to the space. Choose a soft, plush rug in a neutral color or a subtle pattern to complement the rest of the decor. Accessories such as decorative pillows, throws, and drapery can also enhance the overall look of the room and add a personal touch.

Artwork is a great way to inject personality and style into your bedroom. Choose pieces that resonate with you and create a sense of calm and tranquility. Whether it's a large statement piece above the bed or a gallery wall of your favorite prints and photographs, art can elevate the design of your bedroom.

Lighting is another important aspect of bedroom design. Opt for ambient lighting with bedside lamps or sconces. Consider adding a dimmer switch to control the brightness of the lights and create a soothing environment for bedtime reading or relaxation.

Adding chairs and benches with luxurious fabrics can add a touch of elegance to your bedroom. Choose a stylish chair or a bench at the foot of the bed for a functional and decorative element. Upholster them in a coordinating fabric that complements the rest of the room.

Designing a beautiful bedroom is all about creating a space that is both calming and reflective of your personal style. By starting with a clear idea, choosing the right colors and textures, adding bedding and custom linens, incorporating rugs, accessories, art, lamps, and recovering chairs, benches etc…you can create a beautiful bedroom. Keep the overall design cohesive and tailored to your preferences, so you can enjoy a peaceful and beautiful space that reflects your individuality. Remember, this is your bedroom and we want you to be ecstatic with the final presentation. Please come by and visit with us so we can help you rest beautifully.

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