Beautiful Spirited Women


Beautiful Spirited Women:
Empowering Girls and Uplifting Women

By April Carter, Chief Program Officer, Tennessee Nonprofit Network
Photos courtesy of Beautiful Spirited Women

TMemphis nonprofit community has a beautiful hidden gem that’s changing the lives of girls across the city and beyond. Beautiful Spirited Women (BSW) is a girl’s mentoring program and a support group of women whose sole purpose is to uplift women and girls to higher spirits, rebuild fellowship, and assist worldwide. Founded in 2010, BSW has blossomed into a community-driven force championing a supportive network for girls and women of all ages.

In an interview, I spoke with Crystal Chatman, Founder & Executive Director, Dominique Jones, Chaplain & Committee Chair Leader, and La’Keisha Gomes, Associate Director, about BSW’s mission, impactful programs, and the women who make it all happen.

BSW's mission is ambitious and heartfelt: to empower every girl to embrace and overcome challenges, excel in education, cultivate healthy relationships, and make informed decisions for success. The organization achieves this through impactful programs that are nothing short of transformative.

One of the signature programs is the #WECANBSW Girls Explosion, an immersive educational weekend filled with STEM activities, workshops, wellness sessions, and fun.  Spearheaded by Dominique Jones, the Girls Explosion weekend is a testament to BSW's commitment to creating a safe and supportive environment. As Jones explains, "There is a real transformation that happens at the Girls Explosion for everyone. There is an emotional, spiritual, and mental breakthrough that happens. Girls sometimes come in with a face of fear but leave with an open heart, having formed life-long bonds and gained unshakeable confidence."

At the core of BSW’s programs are the Leadership Cohorts: Beautiful Spirited Cupcakes for girls ages 4-11 and Beautiful Spirited Mentees for girls ages 12-19. The cohorts span 7 months and are designed to equip girls with core leadership and life skills. The research-based curriculum is carefully curated and taught by trained mentors and volunteers, all undergoing full background screenings. The cohorts have had a significant impact, and the results speak for themselves: in 14 years, BSW boasts no teen pregnancies or high school dropouts among their participants. BSW is more than a mentoring program. The organization is also intentional about uplifting women. Each year, the organization hosts one of their biggest fundraising events, The Color Reveal Luncheon weekend. Gomes proudly shares, “This event puts women at the forefront, hosting all-women vendors, speakers, DJs, photographers, and caterers.” Women from across the Midsouth come together, beautifully dressed in the year’s revealed color, for a weekend of honoring women, nonprofits, and business leaders that are doing community-changing work.

Community service lies at the heart of BSW’s mission. The organization prioritizes giving back, having facilitated over 35,000 hours of community service. Founder Crystal Chatman says “The ladies of BSW put in work. People may see our social media and think it’s all glitz and glam, but behind the scenes it’s real work and dedication.” The organization shares the weight of the work by partnering with incredible organizations like Mentor Memphis Grizzlies, The Hygiene Chick, and The House Mtenzi.  Chatman continues “Through these partnerships and community support, BSW can feed the homeless, prepare and distribute care-packages to college students and seniors, send handwritten Letters of Hope and gift cards to girls around the world, provide education scholarships, and so much more.” BSW invites women from all walks of life to join their cause as members, volunteers, or mentors. With the next #WECANBSW Girls Explosion approaching on June 20-23, they seek support through volunteers, sponsoring a girl, in-kind donations, or financial contributions.

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