Yellow in Bloom

By Augusta Campbell

Yellow is the brightest color that the human eye can see, and it also happens to be the leading color for spring. It has so many shades that there is surely one for every person to bask in this season - sunshine, mustard, curry, saffron, daisy, daffodil, maize. Yet, for its abundance, yellow has a very checkered past. Sometimes associated with happiness, wisdom, and imagination; it is also linked with cowardice and sickliness. Negatives aside, the fashion world is banking on the sunny side up of yellow and pushing forward for all to love. Focus on the fact that yellow historically reflects a shrewd and humorous personality…so find your shade and wear it all season long. Yellow is shining bright right now and Memphis’ boutiques are stocking up the very best this cheerful shade has to offer.

RAE CHA' NEL / Paris Chanel
Talent Agency, model
MCKENDREE WALKER / photographer
GENNA FARR / art director
TIFFANY VOLLMER / make-up artist from Eden Spa
JONATHAN WATKINS / hair stylist from Eden Spa

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