What’s our Name

Since its first issue in March 2017, this portion of the 4Memphis maga- zine that features teenagers has been called Memphis Impact, and I’m sure many people are curious as to why. Sure, the fashion section is fluffy and fun to check out every month, but what is this magazine doing to actually impact Memphis in a positive way? Until this issue, the Impact staff has tried to incorporate articles that include volunteer work or put a spotlight on kids who are impacting Memphis in their own way, but this month the staff has decided to make it blatantly obvious how we want to change and help our community.
Starting now, the Impact staff plans to visit a different nonprofit each month to see first-hand how these various charities are contributing to the Memphis community in their own way. Ranging from animal shelters to free clinics, we plan to see how every single operation makes Memphis a better place. After volunteering ourselves by walking dogs, reading to third graders, or cleaning up the streets, we will release an article explaining how to get involved with that specific non-profit and what the service there consists of. If any nonprofit wants to be featured, we encourage them to reach out to us as we would love to visit! Otherwise, we plan to volunteer places where the members feel most passionately about.
As Impact is a fairly new portion of the magazine, we want to con- tribute to these nonprofits as much as we can, even if we can’t give much financially. Aside from the publicity of being featured in the magazine, we plan to begin merchandise sales in September featuring our brand new logo! We will sell t-shirts, hats, stickers, you name it. Anything that we can put a logo on, we will sell. All the proceeds will go to the charity we have featured that month, so every sale counts!
At the end of the day, 4Memphis wants to say something power- ful with its influence. Not everyone has an opportunity to have such a loud voice and sometimes the people that do misuse it. This staff wants to bring the people in our city together by lending a helping hand when possible, and contributing in a way that is not just by typing s mething up on a computer or snapping a picture, but by actually serving.

From the Editor
Langston Myers