Baking for Bail

Baking for Bail

By:Lizzy Moody

Despite the chaotic state that our world is in right now, many organizations and groups of people have come together to make positive impacts in the world. There are many different places to volunteer or donate right now from COVID-19 relief to Black Lives Matter organizations to support people in this crazy time.

My friend and St. Mary’s senior, Kate Kiameh, and I decided to make and sell treats with all of the profits going to Just City, specifically the Memphis Community Bail Fund. We baked the desserts, advertised our sales on social media, and then delivered them to raise money for the organization. Just City’s mission is to “pursue a smaller, fairer, and more humane criminal justice system” because they believe that “You are not the worst thing you’ve ever done,” not only as it relates to life, but also the criminal justice system. The organization strives to be a powerful voice and repair the damage the criminal justice system may have caused people. Just City also continuously works to find solutions to the problems within the criminal justice system. Their community bail fund tries to combat some of the unfairness of money bail by reducing some of the consequences of low-level offenders staying in prison for a prolonged time. As long as the client goes to court, the donations for cash bail can be reused for many clients, making this fund one that will impact many people’s lives.

Kate and I have spent many hours baking treats from cookies to homemade pop tarts, and we have had successful sales, thanks to other Memphians who have helped us raise money to support Just City. Along with Kate and me, there are many other people doing their part by fundraising or using their voice to speak up for whatever they believe. It is easy to step back and be silent during this uncertain time, but I challenge everyone to step out of your comfort zones and do your part to make a change in this world. No matter what you believe, it is important to make your voice heard, like supporting organizations by volunteering, fundraising, or donating.

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