Mempho Music Fest

By: Madison Grinder & Ella Coffey

This year, Shelby Farms hosted the second annual Mempho Music Festival on October 6th and 7th. For years, Shelby Farms Park Conservancy has been dedicated to creating an engaging, sustainable, and active environment for the people of Memphis. As the park continues to change and expand over the years, partners, such as Mempho, contribute immensely to the growth and development of the park. Additionally, Shelby Farm’s partnership with Mempho has allowed the Conservancy to highlight the importance of sustainability in Memphis. For example, the festival encouraged the use of reusable water bottles. The vendors did not sell plastic water bottles while the park provided watering stations instead. Small contributions such as these set an example for other festivals and events across the country toward maintaining an Eco-friendly relationship with the environment.Partnering with the producers of Mempho has allowed Shelby Farms to bring in more visitors and introduce peo-ple from all around the country to one of America’s greatest urban parks. With partners such as Mempho, Shelby Farms is able to attract a larger group of people to the park and encourage more people, in and outside of Memphis, to understand the role that urban parks serve in the community. Going forward, Shelby Farms hopes to sustain their partnership with Mempho as they continue to foster a space that encourages fun and civic engagement with the environment. The Conservancy’s hope is that Shelby Farms will continue to be a place that illuminates the vibrancy of Memphis for the greater good of the public, and, with the help of partners like Mempho the sky is the limit.

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