Memphis Tigers Football

By: Hudson Clift

The Memphis Tigers started off their 2019 football season with an outstanding win against Ole Miss, winning the game 15-10. Even though Ole Miss is a Southeastern Conference team and Memphis State is apart of the American Athletic conference, Memphis was able to defeat the odds and come out on top. With this big win, Memphis could possibly make it all the way to the championships and maybe even remain undefeated throughout the rest of the season. With the same outcome as the Ole Miss game, the tigers have won the past 3 games by at least 10 points. In their game against South Alabama, Memphis’ senior wide receiver John “Pop” Williams injured his knee on a punt return and will miss the remainder of the season. William sitting out could effect the remainder of the season in a negative way especially due to Patrick Taylor’s injury and his unclear return. However, the Tigers continued to play hard and beat navy 35-23. Head Coach Norvell says “I’m excited about what this team will be, To say I know who we are yet, that’s going to be an ever-flowing process.” Overall, Memphis is currently standing fourth in the American Athletic conference with five wins and one loss against Temple. Make sure to cheer on the tigers during their game against Tulane! Go Tigers!