Memphis in May


It is finally here. A month full of people of all ages singing and enjoying music, eating barbecue, and achieving goals by crossing the finish line. Memphis in May brings the Memphis community together by hosting these events and overall celebrating our amazing city. Starting in 1977, Memphis in May has grown into one of North America’s leading festivals of today. Memphis in May includes Beale Street Music Festival, the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, the Great American Run, and Celebrate Memphis. Every year the festival is dedicated to a country and honors its culture through Memphis’s own traditions. However, this specific year, Memphis in May is going to be even more special. Due to the bicentennial, the place being honored this year is Memphis. May will be dedicated to celebrating Memphis and all of the incredible traditions that come along with it. Memphis in May is one of the many things that makes Memphis the unique and creative city that it is portrayed to be. It adds to its rich history and historic reputation that attracts people to explore Memphis and incites a desire in people to experience things such as Memphis in May. Memphis in May is not only a celebration, but a way to bring all kinds of people together in fellowship and many different ways.

View of the tents at the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest!

Whether its dancing to fantastic music or crossing a finish line, Memphis in May connects people in positive and diverse ways. That being said, don't forget to celebrate Memphis this May whether its through music, barbecue, or running!

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