Intercoiffure America Canada: 2019 Fall Atelier

America Canada:

Story by Lesley Harris Colvett
Photography by Mark O. Ramirez

Sheila Wilson & Chris Appleton

Sheila Wilson, Owner of Master Design Salon & Wellness Studio, is the President of Intercoiffure America Canada, and will serve as president for the next three years. Intercoiffure Mondial, located in Paris, is a global organization for salon owners representing 40 countries. Each country has their own membership within their region/country. America Canada is the largest.

Sheila is the spokesperson representing the voice of salon owners/businesses not only within our country, but globally as well. “One of the most exciting aspects that comes with this position is to be able to network, open doors globally and to highlight the many talented people into this industry,” Sheila says.

Recently, Intercoiffure America Canada hosted the 2019 Fall Atelier Connect & Communicate weekend October 12-14 in New York City at the New York Hilton Midtown. The Intercoiffure Atelier is known to the world as “The Best of the Best,” and the event was attended by 800 stylists from all over the world.As president, Sheila welcomed attendees and kicked-off the mainstage presentations from industry leaders.

Some of the industry legends and educators attending were: Maurice Tidy, who was Sassoon's assistant for many years and acknowledged as the man who created the layered cut; Ann Bray, who had a salon in Birmingham, Alabama, and now is credited for the designs of the hair for the royalty in Hunger Games, Game of Thrones and is currently designing the hair for the new Eddie Murphy's Coming to America 2; Chris Appleton, who is the celebrity stylist for the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry and Ariana Grande; and Tabatha Coffey from the TV fame Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.

We chatted with Sheila about the latest in hair health, styles and hair color for men and women.

“Hair is the main accessory that defines our look, our feelings and our confidence. We see our hair as an extension of who we are. I think most people really do not understand the importance of a healthy scalp, and why it is imperative for healthy hair.

Today, we have more hair loss in both genders and in all ages than we have ever had... This is a sign of what is happening to the hair fiber externally as well as internally. There is no drive through fix... it takes a lifestyle change and an honest evaluation of what is causing the loss or breakage. We do have systems that work to increase the hair growth and now with new technology, we can chart the progress using a hand-held microscope and advise on the facts rather than guessing.

Reconditioning and proper cleansing is the first item any man or woman should have in their beauty regimen. The second is a good cut that suits their face, texture of hair and lifestyle. Hair color is the enhancement of the cut or style.

MEN: We have seen in the last year the global boom of a refined or definite look in a cut for the men. The awareness of groomed facial hair. The reduction of grey and more scalp treatments in the men's market.


WOMEN: The global trend for women is moving to shorter hair or a more defined cut if the hair is longer. She states that in the past, women wanted to be an individual, make their own statement and trying different styles as they changed their lifestyle. “Over the last 10 years that individual statement tapered off but I see a strong confidence coming back in the women's market. It is exciting to see the return of lashes, hairpieces and brows that make a statement. Not afraid of showing their own style,” Sheila says. While Sheila has a remarkable responsibility serving as president of Intercoiffure America Canada she also truly enjoys working with her clients. “Not only do we, as stylists, help make people look better, but feel better, and touch each others lives.” Hair color and scissors/razors do not work on their own, they are the tools that the professional uses to achieve the desired results. Continued education is expected in any industry, but is a must in the beauty industry. Sheila says as she travels domestically and abroad, people get excited when they hear she is from Memphis. “They know about our food, our music, St. Jude and our city's growth. If they have not been here they all want to come. I love that I can represent Memphis and my industry at the same time.”