Prepare for Takeoff: Jerry Christian Aircraft Sales

Prepare for Takeoff:

Jerry Christian Aircraft Sales

By Sandi Butler Hughes
Photography by McKendree Walker

I think there is something about an airplane. There is a little mystique about it,” smiles Jerry Christian. As a man who has spent his entire career in the aviation business, he knows the mystique well. Jerry is an accomplished pilot and the owner of Jerry Christian Aircraft Sales.

Jerry began his career when he was in college at the University of Alabama in his hometown of Tuscaloosa. He began fueling planes as a lineman at the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport while attending college. He got his pilot’s license, and was building up his flying hours in addition to going to school and working to support his young family. His employer, Dixie Air, was a Cessna Distributor for three southern states. Through a program with Cessna, anyone working at the company who had a pilot’s license was encouraged to learn to sell airplanes. The week-long sales training happened to fall between his spring and summer college sessions, and Jerry seized the opportunity. A few weeks later, he made his first sale. “I sold an $8,000 airplane. I was making $2.00 an hour as a lineman, and that afternoon, I made $400. I was hooked, and I haven’t had a real job since,” he laughed.

Jerry Christian Aircraft Sales (JCAS) is located at Wilson Air Center, a bustling hub of flight activity. The day of our 4Memphis fashion shoot, we saw a variety of travelers coming and going from the FBO - a family with young children boarded a small plane; a jet marked “United States of America” carried a dignitary; and several businessmen with briefcases arrived in town for meetings.

Jerry said, “Airplanes should come with a warning label: ‘This machine will really make your business grow!’”

The pandemic also created a surge in private aviation. Travelers had to adjust in 2020, and they aren’t going back. More than ever before, there is an increased interest in private travel. As more and more people switch to this kind of air travel, they realize the perks of comfort, safety, and convenience of going private.

In the past two years, most everyone has heard about the inventory shortage in the housing market. The aircraft industry is also suffering with a similar inventory shortage problem. JCAS has a global network to source the right aircraft for business or pleasure. The team is led by Jerry, and is supported by Rhiannon Daugs, John Berra, and George Semmes. They bring decades of knowledge and experience to the complicated process of buying an airplane, as well as all being licensed pilots. In such a competitive market, it is more important than ever before to have an experienced team working for the buyer.

As the 4Memphis team shot stunning looks from local retailers, the gleaming aircraft - from small prop planes to large jets - set the stage for summer excursions. Music playing on loud speakers filled the outdoor space at Wilson Air Center, and their staff was so very friendly and helpful. We postponed the shoot by one day because of approaching storms. The next day, the blue, clear skies made us ready for take-off, and Jerry Christian Aircraft Sales is just the team to assist with the best way to travel!

Prepare for Takeoff: Jerry Christian Aircraft Sales 4Memphis Magazine