Put on Some Red Lipstick and Live a Little

By Leslie Harris Colvett

"If you have red lipstick, sunglasses, and wear black, you can go anywhere,” laughingly says Cathy Farrell, 4Memphis magazine account executive. Cathy’s red lipstick is part of her signature style, but sadly her favorite red lipstick was discontinued. Cathy rationed what she had left and wore it sparingly (mainly for special occasions). Recently, she was able to get the exact match custom created at Eden Spa & Laser. Cathy is thrilled to have a full tube of her favorite red lipstick!

Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics are available exclusively at Eden Spa & Laser. The specially-trained team -Tiffany Vollmer, Bizzy Walker and Jonathan Watkins - can create makeup that is perfect for you, or expertly match / make a color that has been discontinued. They will help you design the perfect cosmetic product based on your hair, eye and skin color, as well as your personal preferences. Makeup products they can custom blend are: foundation, mineral powder, bronzer, blush, highlighter, cheek tint, lipstick / lip gloss.

The products, which are non-toxic, non-irritating, and never tested on animals, are mixed by-hand right in front of you, and you can personalize further with sunscreen, glow, pore minimizer, or oil control, aromatherapy (optional) or fragrance-free. The custom blend products that you select are kept on record so they can easily be remade at anytime.

“The benefits to having your lipstick custom blended is that there are over 1000 shades of lipstick I can create using Giella's natural, paraben-free lipstick base with natural vegetable colorants. I add natural mica pigments to create shine and shimmer or matte finishes. Organic oils like shea and soy can be mixed in for hydration, and essential oils such as vanilla, orange or peppermint add a certain special touch,” Tiffany says.

Giella's statement is "you can wear any color,” and according to Tiffany, everyone can wear red lipstick. She says that the best shade of red depends on your individual skin tone.
Jonathan points out that there are several different tones of red lipstick - dark red, bright red, muted red, or even violet or mauve that can complement any individual’s skin tone, “As a stylist and hair colorist, color is easy for me to see. The great thing about Giella is that we can make any type of foundation or lipstick that matches your undertone.”

Jonathan says red lipstick may be worn day and night, all year long. He advises that during the day a red lipstick with a hint of orange works well, and in the evening you can “glam it up” by wearing a deep red/red-violet lipstick.

“When wearing red lipstick you are making a bold statement, so my advice is that if you are going to wear a bold, red lipstick, the rest of your makeup needs to be natural. A light foundation and a light blush. You don’t want to be a distraction, you want to be an attraction,” Jonathan adds.

Tiffany says a matte red lip with a very soft and subtle eye is beautiful for daytime, and a glossy red lip and smokey eye would make a dramatic statement in the evening.
To quote Coco Chanel, “ “The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you,” and thanks to Giella Custom Cosmetics and the trained staff at Eden, finding your perfect color is as easy as making an appointment! giella.com