The Perfect Gift

by Sandi Butler Hughes & Lesley Harris Colvett

China to linens, beautiful wedding gift options abound. 4Memphis chatted with local shops and boutiques for advice so wedding guests can find the ideal present for the special couple!

Babcock Gifts

Babcock Gifts is a perennial choice for bridal registries in Memphis. They recently relocated to the Laurelwood Shopping Center, and offer the same exquisite selection for wedding gifts. “The most popular registry items are almost always china, and the current trend it to pair china with other dishes to either dress up or dress down the table setting,” said Brooks, proprietor of the Babcock Gifts. He says when picking out a special gift, that it is almost always the gift givers personal preference. What they think will be memorable to the bride and groom. Brooks recommends to the bride when registering “If you are receiving china, crystal or silver from a relative as a gift and are going to fill in, bring a place setting to the store. Always bring a sample of what you already have in place in your home if you are trying to build on something you already own.” Another great piece of advice: “if the groom will be joining the bride for registration, bring two cars!” Brooks laughs. “Always remember, if you are uncomfortable with a choice you can always change it!”

More than words

More Than Words is more than just a fun gift shop in Germantown. Their wedding gifts are fabulous and unique. Lee Ann said gold & rose gold are on the climb! She also says they have lots of brides who love neutral tones (cream, brown, grey, tan, etc.) but they are seeing more and more girls wanting to add in pops of gold/rose gold as much as possible. “You can never go wrong with anything personalized for the couple, whether it’s a marble cutting board with their initial or one of our handcrafted established 2018 signs they are always able to look back at their item for years to come and remember the joyous exciting time of their wedding!” Lee Ann said when picking out that perfect gift for the couple, the more unique the better! “When customers select an item that is exclusive to our shop the item is instantly special and sentimental to the recipient.” Whether it’s a vase, a piece of pottery, or a wine glass, each time the couple uses the item(s) they will always be able to remember who gifted it to them. Lee Ann’s suggestions to the bride when selecting for her registry: “When selecting pottery, glassware, etc. it never hurts to ask for one extra item to go with your set. It may feel odd to ask for 7 glasses but when one breaks down the road you’ll be glad you have the extra to still complete your set when hosting your guests.” She adds that it is also important to make sure you provide options for your friends and family that cover a wide spectrum of budget options. Everyone wants to know they are giving you something you specifically have asked for because they know you’ll love it!

Lisa Mallory Interior Design

Lisa Mallory Design in The Shops of Chickasaw Oaks Village has an array of items for brides to select when registering for wedding gifts. The shop offers linens and decorative accessories for the home. Cindi Marshall said, “In addition to china and crystal, brides need bedding, towels, throws, pillows, lamps and accessories for their new home. She also suggests that brides should carefully choose the items they want across all price points. “In the case of linens, some of the items are more expensive than an average person wants to spend or they don’t feel like it is a ‘special’ gift. However, one bath towel is just as important as a champagne glass to a new couple starting out. You may not be able to buy the entire set of sheets but a pair of pillowcases is much appreciated. Brides also love to receive gift certificates!” Another trend for today’s brides is online shopping. The wedding registry can be viewed from a phone or computer, click-to-pay and the pros at Lisa Mallory handle the rest. This is an especially great option for out-of-town guests. Lisa Mallory Design has been in business for 23 years, but the registry is a fairly new option for brides. Cindi said, “We hear constantly ‘I wish I had gotten more from Lisa Mallory!’”

Social: A shop for gracious living

Social: A Shop For Gracious Living recently moved to a new, expanded location, and they offer numerous items for brides to select for their registry. Carmen Bond, owner, noted, “Most brides always register for a fine china pattern, a crystal pattern, an everyday dinnerware pattern, and a flatware pattern, along with placemats and napkins to coordinate. Brides always love serving pieces, whether is is a fun pottery piece, a wood serving board or bowl, or some pieces in the same pattern as their china.” Another popular trend they see often for new brides is to mix and match a variety of different china patterns, or the bride will register only for accent plates and serving pieces to coordinate with china collections they are inheriting from their families. What makes a for a perfect wedding gift? “Something the bride has registered for. Brides love to complete their china, crystal, and flatware most of all,” she said. When choosing items for their registry, brides should include the items they need most and items that they love and will treasure for a lifetime! Carmen suggests that brides plan ahead for the future when selecting their registry. “Brides should keep in mind that while they may not be hosting formal dinner parties, family gatherings and holiday celebrations now, they most likely will be as they get older and have families of their own. They will appreciate having registered and received formal china, sterling silver flatware and crystal. Then, the tradition of passing these priceless heirlooms down to their children and grandchildren can be continued!”

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