Health Tid-Bits

We have been fighting an invisible enemy this year with Covid-19. Boy, has it been a tough battle. Those of us on the frontline of healthcare continue to fight for you, your families, and ourselves. We are called to care for others and feel honored to do so.

As you know our flu and cold season is here. We must arm ourselves with healthy immune systems and be prepared. With so much misinformation and confusion out there I thought I might share a little insight on ways to help you provide a little extra support to your immune system.

I’m sure you’ve been to your local pharmacy or grocery store lately, and have seen the sea of supplements that are available. It can be quite overwhelming when looking at those bottles even for those of us who work in healthcare. Where should you start? How much should you take? How often do you need to take them? Are they quality vitamins? Are they safe? Often times, we walk away in frustration because we just aren’t sure. What about all the talk about IV vitamin therapy? Does it really work? Is it safe?

IV Vitamin and Hydration Therapy has been a go-to treatment for celebrities for years, and has been used recently in hospitals by physicians for add-on treatment during Covid-19. There is a lot to be said about Vitamin C and it’s powerful antioxidant properties. Magnesium, zinc and vitamin D all play an important roll in immune function.

By giving vitamins intravenously it bypasses the gut, and enters the blood stream immediately. When taking oral supplements a lot of your nutrients are lost during the digestion process. There is also the added stomach upset that can accompany supplements especially in larger doses. IV vitamin therapy can be a great option for immune support to help defend your body against sickness, shorten the duration of illness, and improve overall well-being. There are many options for IV therapy. You should find a reputable provider to decide which therapy or IV fits your individual needs. IV therapy is a safe and effective treatment when done correctly. You should choose someone who knows about IV therapy, and make sure he/she has been appropriately trained and is qualified to be doing those types of therapies. Your provider should take a thorough medical history and discuss your goals before initiating IV therapy.

For those who find that IV therapy isn’t the right choice, there are oral supplements that can also provide immune support. Just keep in mind that absorption may be a problem and you’ll likely need to take multiple doses daily to avoid stomach upset. Check with your healthcare provider to be sure you are taking the right supplements, correct amounts, and that they won’t interfere with your current medications if you are taking any. Here are some of the most common supplements that help support your immune system:

  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Melatonin
  • Vitamin D
  • Magnesium

You should always check with your healthcare provider prior to initiating any medications or supplements.

I wish you well, and continued good health in days ahead.

If you are interested in learning more about IV vitamin therapy or would like to schedule an appointment please call:
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