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Everyone has a room, bookcase, drawer or even the entire house that needs a declutter makeover. Here are my suggestions for starting the new year with your New Year’s resolution of “I’m tired of the mess, I’m getting organized”.

  1. Start with a plan that works for you. It may be one drawer a week until the four-drawer dresser is complete. Also look at your bookcases and countertops. Less is best! Clean off and remove clutter that has piled up over the year(s).
  2. Remove everything from your space you are working on...everything!
  3. Envision your goal of how you want it to look.
  4. Commit to having three piles: give away, keep, and trash.
  5. Replace items in a neat and orderly fashion and commit to keeping it organized.
  6. Declutter often.
  7. Everything should have a home, and sometimes the trash can is the home!

Photography by Julie Wages Ross

There is no formula to how much and how often you should start this task. Everyone’s time opportunities are different. Even if you commit to 10 minutes a day you will see a vast improvement in a month! The key is to start. The thrill of victory in this area of decluttering and being organized will make you happy and peaceful. Just get started, and do not be fooled by the things that we know we should purge. Those items often tend to call out to us of their great purpose when faced with being purged. Be confident! Get rid of it if there is any question - you will not miss it!

Custom Organization Solutions

Katie Savage and Brook Levy

Blue Pencil Home, the brainchild of Brooke Levy and Katie Savage, began in the fall of 2017 and this dynamic organizing duo has been transforming spaces in homes across the city ever since! Their goal is to take the stress away and assist you in developing maintainable solutions. You can follow them on Instagram #bluepencilhome, or find them at

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