Wine for Wishes

M ake-a-wish Mid-south

February 21, 2020 || The Cadre || || Photos by Lesley Harris Colvett

Wine for Wishes, a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish Mid-South, was held at The Cadre February 21, 2020.

Long before this pandemic, there were many families in that same uncertainty and fear, and Make-A-Wish Mid-South has provided them with the hope of a wish. We’re all living in unprecedented times. We’re inconvenienced. We’re uncertain. We’re scared. We don’t know what tomorrow may bring or what next week looks like; and, that’s a very hard reality to operate in. But it’s the reality of many wish families long before this global pandemic. For many wish families, travel is continually challenging and often not an option. For many wish families, germs are terrifying. Giving hugs and shaking hands is off the table. Being in spaces with sick people can be dangerous. For many wish families, any virus can be the difference between life and death. Long before this scary pandemic, there were so many around us who have been, and are more so now, very deeply impacted. When families are in that uncertainty and fear, Make-A-Wish Mid-South comes alongside them with the hope of a wish. And that hope often provides sick kids with the boost they need to fight harder and often overcome their critical illnesses. Current travel restrictions and precautions are impacting about 30 wishes each day. It’s costly to reschedule and re-plan wishes. Should you feel compelled to donate to Make-A-Wish Mid-South, we’d be so grateful. More than $0.82 of every dollar donated goes directly toward a child’s wish. Make-A-Wish invites you to come alongside wish kids to help them reclaim their childhood. By helping grant wishes, we can give these children hope today, so they can look forward to tomorrow.

For more information, visit or on Make-A-Wish Mid-South’s Facebook page.

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