Andrew Bailey and Zaneta Ivy

  • Andrew Bailey &
    Zaneta Ivy

    June 19, 2021

Picture This: Year 2000, the University of Memphis with now Dr. Zaneta Ivy and Andrew Bailey meeting each other for the first time. He thought she was attractive, and she thought he was weird but cute...they exchanged hello(s) and separate ways they went. Fast forward roughly twenty years, and they cross paths forging a friendship, sharing stories, conquering trials and tribulations, and begin dating in January 2019. On Leap Day, right before the world shut down, after hearing hundreds of times how stupid it is for a couple that is not engaged to take such elaborate pictures and the ultimate planned surprise engagement production, Andrew asked one last question: "Will you be my person?" and she said...YES!!!

For the wedding, they did not want just any wedding…they were planning a wedding on Juneteenth! They wanted their wedding to be a celebration of their relationship and a celebration of LOVE. Little did they know that the week of the wedding, Juneteenth, would become a national holiday! This made the day even more special, and everyone involved was excited about this day!

As they got ready to see each other, both Zaneta and Andrew spent time with their friends and family. They truly felt the love coming from everyone around them. Zaneta was being showered by toasts as they got ready. Although her crying certainly did not help the makeup artist (oops!), that energy in the room was enveloped in support.

With all his groomsmen and groomsmaids, Andrew was listening to music, eating, and just really enjoying their time with him. You can tell they were all closely knit to Andrew in such a robust way that made them all friends to one another too.

From the emotional first look to the ceremony filled with African traditions, these two embraced the moment they were in. Their love for one another was apparent as they both were unashamed in showing their affection. They embraced the moment of Juneteenth in the ceremony as it was more than just a celebration of them. It was a celebration of their heritage. Every part of the ceremony was packed with meaning. Their two friends who officiated walked everyone through these beautiful traditions. They hope to see more of these traditions in the future because they truly brought another aspect to the day that made it all more festive and meaningful.

Location: The Pink Palace Museum
Bar Service: The Bossy Bartender
Elizabeth Heiskell Catering &
Richardson Vegetable Farm
DJ: Andre Monie
Groom’s Tuxedo:
American Tuxedo Memphis &
The Black Tux
Hair: Glam Salon
Live Band & African Dancers:
Memphis International Cultural House
Makeup: Beautee & The Beat
Photographer: The Kenneys Photography
Videographer: Jdiliyok Productions
Stationery: Ava Loren Design
Cake: Frost Bake Shop
Wedding Designer: L & Jay Productions
Wedding Dress:
The Barefoot Bride Memphis &
Pollardi Fashion Group
Wedding Rings: Diamond Brokers of Memphis