Hunter Bledsoe & Megan Kingsley


Hunter and I had the most magical engagement on June 20, 2020, and we were so excited to plan a wedding and get married. After just a few weeks, we decided on a venue and got started on planning our dream day. I got my dream dress, picked the most amazing vendors, and before we knew it October 2, 2021, was going to be here. I was going to be a bride and marry the love of my life - I couldn’t believe it! Fast forward to just 59 days before the wedding when we found out that we had to change venues. At that moment, I felt my entire world fall apart. My now mother-in-law let the vendors know what was going on, and within 24 hours she, my coordinator and my photographers had a list for me to look through of available venues for our day. After looking and figuring out what would work with our theme, Hunter and I, along with my parents, spent an entire Saturday going to three venues and weighing out our options. Long story short, The Peabody is where we decided to have our wedding. It was more than we could have ever hoped for. What would be every bride’s nightmare became our fairy-tale in the end. Thank you so much to our parents for lifting us back up when we were down; The Peabody Hotel for having us; Ansley Smith at The Peabody who went above and beyond for us; Kelly and John Ginn who took time out of their busy schedules to send alternative venues; and last but not least, Michael Doyle who was my right-hand man through it all. You guys were our lifesavers, and we love you all so much! - Megan Kingsley Bledsoe

Location: The Peabody Hotel
Photographer: Kelly Ginn Photography
Videographer: John Ginn
Florist: Lynn Doyle Flowers & Events
Coordinator: Michael Doyle
Caterer: The Peabody Hotel
Wedding Cake and Groom’s Cake:
The Flour Garden

Wedding Gown: Low’s Bridal
Hair: Annie Shackelford and
Allie Faith Pollan
Bride’s Makeup: Beauty By Bledsoe
Bridesmaid’s and Mom’s Makeup:
Kendrick Simpson
Music: DeepBlu
Photo Booth: Photo Booth Bling

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