Kelsey & Cam

After a day full of surprises planned by Cam which entailed his flying my best friend in from Seattle, giving me a stack of 100 letters from those who loved me and both of our families taking me out and showering me with love and marriage advice; my family and friends dropped me off Holland House, where Cam and I had our first date. The restaurant was closed, but the manager walked me to their patio and told me to press play on the iPad sitting on a table. My heart melted in awe as I watched videos of Cam that he had been recording since day one. Some of the videos included him driving to pick me up for our first date, watching me read my Bible, him talking about how he was about to tell me he loved me, the night he bought my ring, a drive to Memphis to ask my dad’s permission and the list goes on. I was in disbelief. After the video, Cam walked out, and I finally got to see the man who had me feel unbelievably loved that weekend. He washed my feet, prayed over me, and then got down on a knee and asked for forever. This was the easiest yes I have ever said. We then went to his parents’ house where about 70 people from all over the map came to celebrate the start of our adventure together! The weekend was truly PERFECT. Cam and I are so excited to get married on December 16, 2017 at First Baptist Church with the reception at the Columns. We can’t wait to have a ceremony that gives Jesus full credit of our story, followed by a party to celebrate this journey with all of the people we love! We have felt so loved and supported during this time, and are so pumped about the future Lampes!


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