4Memphis Fall Fashion Outlook

Fall Fashion Outlook

Fall 2020 is like no other. But style still matters whether you are entertaining at home or attending an intimate event or wedding. 4Memphis Fall Fashion Outlook brings together the trends of the season - cropped sweaters, babydoll dresses, bra-tops, bold prints, tie-dye, and splashes of merigold. Shop local, support local, and look great if you're staying in or putting your best mask and going out!

Suit, sweater, necklaces and clutch from
Kittie Kyle
Earrings from Oak Hall
Shoes from Joseph in


Shirt, skirt, jacket, necklace and earrings from
Oak Hall
Shoes from Reign Boutique


Dress and blazer from Reign Boutique

Earrings from Eden Spa


Dress, clutch, and earrings from Kittie Kyle
Shoes from Joseph in Laurelwood


Romper, sweater, and purse
from The Pink Door

Earrings from Kittie Kyle


Dress, wrap, necklace and
earrings from Sorelle Boutique
Shoes stylist's own

Photography: McKendree Walker
Model: Fanny Rodriguez of AMAX
Makeup: Bizzy Walker/Eden Spa
Hair: Jonathan Watkins/Eden Spa

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