Celebrating the Wedding of
Janie Williams &Mark Beanblossom, Jr.

Celebrating the Wedding of
Janie Williams & Mark Beanblossom, Jr.

October 29, 2022


Location: Ceremony, St. Louis Catholic Church;
Reception, Chickasaw Country Club
Photographer: Christen Jones Photography
Caterer: Chickasaw Country Club
Wedding Cake: Julie Joffre
Wedding Gown: Nicole Barré
Hair: Melissa Simpson and Taylor Alberson
Make Up: Alicia Lee, Kendrick Simpson,
and Erika Bomarito
Florist: Nelita Thornton
Wedding Favors: Uveprints, AllInTheDetailsByAR,
MemorableWedding, LoveyDoveyDesignbyUs,
HandMadingGift, ShopHowdyYall,
and Sarah Menkel Art
Band/DJ: Funky Town, RAM Entertainment

What song, movie, or book best describes your relationship?
Our first dance song “You Send Me” by Aretha Franklin best describes our relationship. One of our favorite movies to watch during the holidays is The Holiday. Last Christmas, we still had not decided on our first dance song. But then we watched that movie and it’s the song at the end that everyone is dancing to. We thought about the lyrics and how it relates to us but also, how it’s a fun and happy song. We immediately knew that it should be our
first dance song!

What has been the best part of your marriage so far?
We love traveling, cooking and entertaining together. We moved to Houston, Texas, shortly after we got married. It has brought us even closer since we have had to adapt not only to married life, but also a big life change in moving back to Texas!

What piece of advice would you give your just-married self ?
Now that we are married, our main advice to anyone on their wedding weekend would be to slow down and enjoy the whole experience. Do not worry about the small details or hiccups. It all goes by so fast!

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