Manduu Fitness: The 21st Century Workout


Manduu Fitness: The 21st Century Workout

By Sandi Butler Hughes
Photos courtesy of Manduu America

Technology has advanced almost every aspect of everyday life. Now, technology is changing the fitness industry with the introduction of Manduu. Manduu utilizes electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to create a workout experience that is effective, fast, and easy. The entire Manduu process is unlike any other traditional fitness regime – and so are the results.

What makes Manduu so different? Let’s begin at the front door. The Manduu gym is intimate, welcoming, and not at all intimidating. It also doesn’t have the sweaty-gym-stench. You’re greeted by a skilled Manduu trainer, who acts as your personal trainer for your session. All Manduu trainers have at least a four-year college degree in either Exercise Science or Kinesiology. Trainers are passionate and knowledgeable about health and physical fitness.

Another significant difference is the workout clothes: you change into Manduu leggings and top in a private dressing room. You do not have to invest in a workout wardrobe, make sure you’ve packed everything in your gym bag, or do the laundry. Once you’ve changed clothes, you step onto a machine that looks similar to a large scale you find in a doctor’s office. You place your feet on the sensors, and the machine scans your body (more about the results later). Now it’s time to do what you’re there for: exercise the Manduu way. The fitness area is very sleek, clean, and where the magic happens. You slip on a Manduu-designed vest and pant (similar to water skiing gear) equipped with electronic sensors. The vest and pant are cinched snug with buckles to make sure the sensors are making contact. Manduu uses the only FDA-cleared whole-body EMS system in the United States. The vest and the pant are then plugged into a machine with a futuristic feel, and the workout begins. Did I mention the workout is 15 minutes? That’s right: 15 minutes is all that is necessary to get the same results as a six-hour workout at a traditional gym.

The trainer works with you through the entire session, guiding, directing, and assisting with movements to get the optimal effects of the electrical muscle stimulation. The trainer activates different areas with electrical pulses, and for beginners, the pulses last for four seconds. During the four second periods, you flex that muscle group. The pulses are a tingling sensation delivered via a low voltage battery, and there is not enough electricity to hurt. Nearly 100% of muscle fibers in all nine major muscle groups are activated, compared to 65% in a traditional workout. After 15 quick minutes, the session is over. No sweat, no stress, and no more excuses for not working out.

EMS has been a known therapeutic, rehabilitation, and training tool for decades. A quick Google search says the earliest known use of EMS dates back to over 2,000 years ago when the Egyptians discovered that certain fish emit electrical impulses, and these fish were used to treat pain. “Electrical stimulation has been used in the rehab-world over the last 50-60 years, using it to make patients well over time, to treat different types of illnesses, and to treat muscular-skeletal-type injuries in a healthcare role,” explains Wiley Robinson, Chief Operating Officer of Manduu America. Whole-body EMS began in Europe. Recently the Food and Drug Administration cleared EMS training for use in non-medical settings, and Manduu is at the forefront of whole-body EMS in the United States. Memphis has two Manduu locations currently. The first location at Poplar and Perkins opened in the summer of 2019, and the second location at Poplar and Kirby opened in the fall.

After the workout session, the trainer gives you a printout with information such as “Body Composition Analysis,” “Muscle Fat Analysis,” and “Visceral Fat Area.” It’s a wealth of information about your body. Your trainer interprets all of the statistics, explaining the information and answering questions, as well as suggesting ways to improve your stats to achieve better overall health.

The Manduu whole-body EMS system has been shown to increase muscle mass in everyone from pro athletes to senior citizens. It’s extremely gentle on joints, muscles, and tendons while building vital muscle. “It is basically a clinical device that has been repurposed for recreational use to give you the same healthy benefits. We get muscle sculpting and toning, weight loss, while getting stronger and more flexible. And, it’s for anyone of any age,” Wiley says. Manduu is a 21st century way to get fit, 15 minutes at a time. To update a famous fitness tagline: Just Manduu it!

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